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I'm a full time student in my fourth year at Ivey Business School, an Administrative Officer with 31 Service Battalion in the Canadian Armed Force Reserves, and I hold a variety of roles as well in my community. I also value health, nutrition, and staying physically fit, both inherently and as a requirement of staying operationally ready for the Army. As a busy student juggling between academics, career, and the gym, I often found it hard to find the time to eat foods that were healthy and which could adequately support my mental and physical performance in my day to day. Healthy food options were over-priced, campus cafeteria lines were long, and busy schedules often didn't allow for me to carry and heat containers of food. Existing convenient options like protein bars often contained chemicals, artificial sweeteners, or not enough protein. I needed a food that was convenient, tasty, and nutritious and which would support my goals. I decided to make one.

My first idea, and the one which originally secured me funding from Western University's Accelerator Program, was to create a revolutionary protein bar from insect protein. I wanted to encourage the uptake of insect consumption as they are a superior protein source to meats both nutritionally and from an environmental perspective. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the cricket protein powder supply chain became unfeasible as a business option... so I pivoted. After a summer of development, I've created a tasty, healthy, and nutritious protein bar with 25 grams of protein: the highest available on the market, using just 5 simple ingredients: collagen, oats, honey, peanut butter, and dark chocolate.

I also founded Zentein Nutrition Inc. with the goals of supporting and advancing sustainable food production and creating accessible nutritious foods for everyone. As such, a portion from all proceeds will be invested in community projects which help these sectors. Thank you for all the support!

- William Wang, founder


249 Huron St, London ON.


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