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Our kitchen's mission:

To create foods of the highest quality that deliver on nutrition and satisfy the senses. 

Our kitchen's philosophy:

1. You are what you eat. So let’s eat the highest quality foods possible.

We strive to use the best ingredients possible and continuously do research into improving every aspect of our foods. 

Zentein protein bars use Belgian dark chocolate, which has high nutritional qualities and a finer mouthfeel compared to its counterparts. The protein bars are sweetened with 100% Canadian honey - cutting out all artificial sweeteners, syrups, and sugar alcohols.

2. We respect and appreciate all foods.

We strive to utilize and highlight food ingredients to their full capacity in nutrition, taste, texture, and appearance. The foods we use are all raised, grown, or crafted with time and effort and we honour that in our recipes and operations.

Our recipes are designed to generate no food waste. Prototype products, test recipes, and kitchen mishaps are not thrown away. They are fed to beneficial insects that turn our protein bar scraps into natural soil amendments that are used to grow more food.

3. We have fun.

The atmosphere in our kitchen ranges from “School of Chocolate” and “Chopped” when we are ideating to the intensity and fun of “Hell’s Kitchen” when we are busy making your orders.

We have something brewing...

Our kitchen is busy:

Current production time is about 7 days from when you place your order due to increased demand.

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