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Made to order.
High quality ingredients. 
Experience a new level of protein bars.

NO artificial sweeteners or preservatives
(so you can enjoy without feeling weird or bloated).

Potential for better hair, skin, gut health, joint health, and protein synthesis with collagen protein.

Zentein Protein Bar Ingredients

Gain sustained energy to support your workout and your day
(we use honey and rolled oats to provide a mix of simple and complex carbs for optimal energy).

Made with only 5 ingredients - 
Collagen, peanut butter, honey, belgian dark chocolate, rolled oats

Feel satiated and satisfied like you are eating dessert, with none of the guilt.
(You can't go wrong with 25g of protein/bar).

WINTER NOTICE: Our protein bars contain ingredients that are SENSITIVE to the COLD and will harden when exposed to cold temperatures during shipping.

Please allow them to warm up to room temperature for the best eating experience (or place one in your pocket).

TIP: microwave (with the wrapper off) for 20-30 seconds and they will be soft enough to eat with a fork/spoon like a dessert.

Zentein = Protein, but Zen. Be at peace knowing you are fueling your body with the good stuff.

We take pride in our high quality ingredients and our
made-to-order protein bars.

We make your order after it is placed so you get to experience a new level of quality. Time spent sitting on shelf: 0 days.

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Pros: gain access to Prime delivery. Great for trying our protein bars and receiving them fast!

Things to consider:
No quantity discounts on multi-box orders.

Longer time on shelves (in Amazon warehouses).

The protein bar of champions, winners, the dedicated (and the hungry)

Seniesa Estrada,
WBA and WBC unified minimumweight champion


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We've raised the bar.

Collagen Protein Bar

Experience the best protein bars made with premium ingredients, made-to-order from our commercial kitchen to your door.


Our protein bars are unlike any you will have tried. They are made with smooth peanut butter, Belgian dark chocolate, and 100% Canadian honey to deliver a delicious decadent protein bar.


With our high quality ingredients,  you can always have a convenient source of clean nutrition that you can be confident in choosing. It's made with only 5 ingredients and contains no fillers or artificial sweeteners. We've done many taste tests to find the best tasting and highest quality ingredients and suppliers.


The 25 grams of protein primarily comes from collagen. We chose collagen because it is found in all connective tissue in your body. Adding collagen to your diet can support skin health, increase muscle recovery rates, and reduce joint pain. We have had many consumers report improvements in all these areas and would love to hear your feedback on how it has benefitted you.


Lastly, our bars require no refrigeration and their durable packaging means that they can last long stints in your emergency kit or camping bag. (Odds are you will find a reason to eat them quickly).

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Freshly-Made Protein Bars, Delivered To Your Door. 


Place your order. Save when you order more than 1 box.


We confirm your order via email and make your protein bars, to order,
in our commercial kitchen.


We ship your protein bars directly to your door. 

Secure your spot. 1 WEEK WAIT TIME.
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95% of our customers have placed more than one order.

*updated 22 Aug 2023

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Let's succeed together.

Nutrition is in our name.


Balancing protein, complex + simple carbs, and healthy fats is our game.

The potential of a protein bar

Collagen Protein Bar

An estimated 830 million people globally experience hunger, with 350 million of them experiencing acute hunger. A further 2.3 billion people experience less severe but dangerous forms of food insecurity, still leading to impacts like malnutrition. Protein energy malnutrition (PEM, sometimes called protein energy undernutrition) is a disorder where the body does not intake adequate protein to support healthy bodily functions. As a result, the afflicted experience stunted growth in height and weight, have less mental and physical functioning, and develop additional conditions that increase suffering while diminishing lifeforce.

Zentein Nutrition’s mission is to become a driving force in ending hunger among humanity. The protein bar is a convenient, shelf stable and transportable form of nutrition that can be easily distributed. It can be designed to supplement all nutrients needed for healthy human functioning. Its ability to keep nutrition preserved in a convenient, readily accessible format without requiring any tools or preparation to eat it is an asset during rough conditions, limited access to energy, or when there is no time for a proper sit-down meal. It is by no means the entire solution to ending the global problem but its attributes make it likely that it will remain a form of delivering convenient nutrition to humans for a long time. We want to see how much we can do to help.

Review from Zentein Customer

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Limited Edition Zentein Short Sleeves

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KITCHEN CREATIONS: Peanut Butter Cheesecake with Chocolate Glaze.
It was delicious.

Reviews from the Industry 

Chett Binning, MSc.

Chett Binning,MSc.

Chief Nutrition Consultant, Brain Ignition

Instagram @brainignition

"It's nearly impossible

to find a protein bar these days that

doesn't have added oils and fillers.


But Zentein has solved this issue

with a great tasting grab and go.

I'm extremely picky with quality,

but I'm more than happy

to recommend Zentein

to clients and consume them myself!"

London Ontario Personal Trainer Holistic

Analia Tapia

"I was amazed by quality of the ingredients in the bars! Every ingredient is something we can pronounce and we know exactly what it is.

I love having them on hand so I can grab one on the go, in between clients, or after my workouts. I also love that I have the option to give one to my son before or after his sports activities. 


It feels good to have a healthy option out there that aligns with my beliefs!!"

Collagen Protein Bar

"As someone who has tried over a dozen different protein bars I can say that this one has been the best one overall that I have ever had.

I also have a big sweet tooth this hits just the spot while giving me the protein I need. The extra benefit you get from these bars comes from the collagen which I noticed has  given me stronger nails which grow a lot faster. 

- Alexa Paulos, Founder of Western Women in Fitness Club

Zentein Protein Bar
Chase Topic with Zentein Collagen Protein Bar
Zentein Bar
Amrita Kiss with Zentein Collagen Protein Bar

"Zentein is changing the game with the best protein bars. With only 5 ingredients and such great macros, you really cannot go wrong!

I normally take one to work with me instead of having to make a meal and pack it, so it's such an easy and guilt free alternative.


I've never experienced such amazing customer service either! Honestly don't take my word for it, TRY THESE BARS. I promise you won't be disappointed."

Kayl Debellis

Instagram @makayladebellis

CPA Bikini Competitor

Certified Personal Trainer

Chase Topic

Instagram @chasetopic

Nationally qualified Classic Physique

"Without a doubt one of the best protein bars I've tried! I'm able to eat this as a full meal replacement when I'm trying to put on muscle AND when I'm cutting down