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Why We Exist

At Zentein Nutrition, we believe that everyone deserves access to clean, nutritious, and delicious food no matter the lifestyle. Whether you are a working professional with a deadline, an athlete training to improve day over day, a parent juggling a busy schedule, a student studying for exams, or a soldier in the field - food is a fundamental step in achieving our goals as it has the potential to fuel our mental and physical performance so we can live to the best of our abilities.


Food is also an easy area to compromise - there are so many sources of easily accessible foods which are unhealthy or incompatible with performance:  from salty, fatty, fast food meals to those that contain artificial additives which do more harm than good. Sometimes, your body will let you know immediately that something is incompatible - like with abdominal discomfort (ie. bloating), fatigue, or acne. Overtime, the ingestion of these foods may produce a noticeable downturn in energy, immune system, performance, and even worse: with the onset of chronic diseases. 


Unfortunately, for the sake of convenience, shelf life, taste, to enhance appearances, or a "better" nutrition label - an increasing number of foods available for purchase contain additives like artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and colourings that will have negative effects on physical and mental wellbeing. These additives can cause imbalances in gut microbiota, behavioural and cognitive problems, increased risk of mental health problems, hormonal disruption, lowered immune system, and carcinogenic effects - just to name a few. 

We believe in the saying: "you are what you eat". As such, we want to create delicious, nutritious, and clean foods with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, food colourings or other ingredients which compromises on the integrity of the ingredient list and which negatively impacts human health as a trade-off.

It's a challenging endeavour to optimize taste, nutrition, mouthfeel, texture, shelf life and many other factors that go into creating a food product without the use of commonly used artificial additives that make food processing easy. It may take us longer to launch new products as recipe development takes longer without ingredient shortcuts. We may spend months determining operational factors like temperatures, storage conditions, testing different ingredients from suppliers, and different processing techniques. But nothing great has ever come out of shortcuts.


 We aim to create a global impact on health and well-being, promoting a future where nutritious choices are within reach for every person, regardless of their background or circumstances.


The protein bar represents a shelf stable, durable product that can be packed with nutrition and easily distributed to those in need across the globe to provide a ready-to-eat fuel. Its ingredients can be customized to meet the palates of different cultures. It can withstand harsh storage conditions and be enjoyed readily without the need for utensils, fuel, or special preparation.


We envision a world where clean nutrition is not a privilege but a fundamental right contributing to the overall prosperity and vitality of communities worldwide.

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