Frequently Asked Questions

When will you release new products or flavours?

We are constantly experimenting and innovating in our R&D kitchen to create the tastiest and healthiest food products packed with nutrition and backed by research. Our high standards and our use of simple ingredients (no additional chemical binders, fillers, or sweeteners) means that our development process takes time. We are working hard behind the scenes!

Is the Ready, Set... Protein bar vegan?

No. The Ready, Set... Protein bar contains collagen, the main protein found in connective tissues of mammals. Our collagen is created from porcine sources and as such, is not vegan.

Where can I learn more about your efforts towards creating accessible nutrition and sustainable food production?

You can see an overview of some projects that we have been a part of under our "Community" page! For more information, or if you are a community organization that wants to work with us, please email


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