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A Quick Read on Peanut Butter

Updated: Apr 4

Do you like peanut butter? Some like it with jelly on their toast. Some like it mixed with chocolate and baked into cookies. Others like eating it straight out of the jar ( guilty ). Regardless, peanut butter is enjoyed by most, although it is sometimes seen as a “cheat day” snack.

The question then remains: can I enjoy my peanut butter without feeling guilty? Yes!

Unlike some other sweet snacks, peanut butter is packed with essential nutrients. Just two tablespoons of peanut butter contains 7 g of proteins, 57 mg of magnesium, and 1.9 mg of Vitamin E. This increases your muscle mass, boosts your metabolism, and strengthens your bones. Its magnesium content helps those suffering from Type 2 diabetes; and according to this study, it significantly boosts exercise performance by raising glucose levels and producing more energy. Finally, Vitamin E serves as an antioxidant that helps to strengthen your cells.

This next part might shock some of you: peanut butter can actually help with weight loss. Right? How can something so good make you lose weight? Well, because of its high protein, fat, and fiber content, peanut butter makes you feel fuller when you eat it and prevents overeating. This study by the European Journal of Nutrition concluded that those with nuts in their diet saw reduced weight gain compared to those who did not. See? Peanut butter isn’t so bad after all!

But what about those that write peanut butter off as “too sugary” and “filled with fats”? Well actually, saturated fats are OK if eaten in moderation, and the majority of the fat in peanut butter is unsaturated, which helps regulate cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease. You can also buy peanut butter that has little or no added sugar!

So what’s the final verdict on peanut butter? Healthier than it seems! A tasty treat of peanut butter is full of helpful nutrients that can boost your workout, help with weight loss, and strengthen different parts of your body!

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